The Writing Center

Whether you’re pursuing a certificate or master’s degree, or you’re finishing up your bachelor’s, you can always use a second pair of eyes for your writing. The Writing Center at the University of Denver provides help with a variety of writing projects, from class assignments to cover letters, multimedia projects to creative writing. Online or [...]

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University of Denver Writing Center

Making Your Degree Work for You: Selecting Electives That Fit Your Goals

There are many perks to being a University of Denver student at University College, and one of those perks is having a flexible degree.  Our degree plans are made with YOU in mind.  Yes, each and every one of you.  How do we have all of you in mind when developing our degree plans you [...]

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Stephanie Krusemark, 2007

The University of Denver Ranks in the 2017 U.S. News and World Report

The University of Denver continues to be ranked a top 100 university according to the U.S. News and World Report for Best Colleges. The University is ranked 86th in “National Universities” based on criteria such as faculty resources, student retention graduation rate and financial resources. DU also ranked 53rd for “Best Colleges for Veterans” (No. [...]

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Welcome Students! Get to Know These 5 Great Resources

The fall quarter is the beginning of a new journey for many new students at University College. Going back to school can be an adjustment, especially for those who have been out of school a while. Many students juggle work and family, and starting school can be stressful. We want to make sure students are [...]

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Contribute to the UCAN Resource Library

Your experience and input provide valuable direction for both fellow alumni and current students. The University College Alumni Network Board is creating a resource where this knowledge and guidance will be available in the form of short audio bites. We are beginning this series with three questions, which we are asking for your feedback on [...]

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3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Working for a Nonprofit

The nonprofit sector is a great area to find career opportunities for those starting out in a new field or for those who are looking to take their career to the next level.  There are a large number of nonprofits in Colorado (more than 20,000!) and across the US. According to the Urban Institute, the [...]

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Professional Organizations – Are they Worth Joining?

Professional organizations or associations whether national or regional can be a great way to expand your network in a desired field.  They often provide abundant resources including current events, literature, and ways to better qualify yourself for a job in the field (certifications, conferences, etc.). Whether you are changing careers or have been in your [...]

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Professional Organizations Worth Joining-
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Graduation Story: Aaron Pataluna


We asked graduates to describe their journey to graduation. Here is what Aaron Pataluna (Security Management) had to say in his own words… I really don’t feel my journey is any more unique than any of the other graduates who have been successful in juggling work, family and kids, and school. However, I did have [...]

Graduation Story: Andrew Frost

University College Graduation Story

We asked graduates to describe their journey to graduation. Here is what Andrew Frost (Environmental Policy and Management) had to say in his own words… Graduating from DU represents a major milestone for me. I am receiving a Master’s of Science officially and unofficially I have earned a PhD in perseverance. With a chaotic childhood [...]

Graduation Story: Carolyn Hinkley


We asked graduates to describe their journey to graduation. Here is what Carolyn Hinkley (Information and Communications Technology) had to say in her own words… I applied to DU’s University College two months after finishing chemotherapy to treat breast cancer in 2014. While that health scare was frightening, it finally motivated me to pursue a [...]